How certain uissues become “confused” [in the name of kabala] I am only transferring you opinions….


This past Friday night, after candle lighting, Idecided that instead of just wasting my time by the candles with shmoozing, I will use my precious time to say “Perek Shira” As I was in middle of saying it, some of my family members claimed that one is not permitted to say it at night, since it entails lots of pesukim from Tehillim. 

I always knew that perek shira one can say any hour of the day/ night. Is that not correct?

Also, if you can provide any insight as to why one cannot say Tehillim at night i would greatly appreciate it.


I commend you for spending the time after Hadlokas neiros doing something meaningful. The subject of saying Tehilim/ pesukim at night is a fascinatiing one, and there are many different opinions about this. If Tehilim is prohibited at night, it would only because of its status as “Torah Sh’Biksav”, and not intrinsically because it is Tehilim.

 I will list a few of the many Mekoros for this:

*The Be’er Heitev on Orach Chaim Siman 238 quotes the Arizal who says that one shouldn’t study “Mikrah- Torah sheBiksav” by night.  The Seforim say that the aforementioned Arizal does not apply to Thursday Night/Friday mornings.

* The reason for this is obviously Kabalistic (See the Artzos HaChaim (Malbim) Siman 1:36. See also Yesod V’Shoresh H’Avodah Sha’ar 6;HaNitzutz Perek 2 ) . 

* In Shu”t Chaim Sha’al Vol. 2 Siman 25 he quotes the great Mekubal Rav Shalom Sharabi (Rashash) who maintained that Tehilim was excluded from the above prohibition, and may be said at night. In fact, he says that Dovid Hamelech composed and wrote the Tehilim at night! (Another reason is because Hashem gave Tehilim a status  like “NeGaim and AHalos”, which basically  gives it a status of “Torah Sh’Ba’al Peh”, which is permitted anytime.

* If the Tehilim is being said for the Refuah Shelaima of a Choleh it can surely be said at night. (Psak of Debreciner Rav in Be’er Moshe Vol. 4 Siman 22, Eishel Avraham (Butchatch) Orach Chaim Siman 306, and other Poskim)

* If the Pesukim are learnt with a Pirush (commentary such as Rashi) then it is not a problem at all and has a status like oral Torah, which of course can be learned at night. (Shu’t Levushei Mordechai Siman 186 and others)

Perek Shirah would be OK to say at night  for two reasons: 

1) Most of the Pesukim are indeed from Tehillim, which we learned is permitted. 

2) The Perek Shirah in its entirety is a “Beraisa” which teacheds us which Pesukim each part of creation recites in praise to Hashem, so in essence it probably has a status of “Torah Sh’Ba’al Peh”, no different than learning a Gemara that quotes Pesukim in it.

And surely on Friday night it is OK, as we mentioned earlier that the prohibition, even if it were to exist for Perek Shira , doesn’t apply on Thursday and Friday night.