Many pages could be written about this evergreen shrub. The flowers and the needle- like leaves are used.
Many medical actions! Here just a few remarkable ones.
In animals it has been shown to correct against DNA damage caused by aflatoxin , a potent agent which can cause liver cancer in a relatively short time.
Never buy Peanut butter from China, at least not in Israel because NO organisation here examines for aflatoxin in their peanut butter, even not an occasinally sample!
Rosemary has been used since ages for memory improvement.
It improves the blod flow to the head and maybe useful in hair loss and migraine and definitely should be tried in Alzheimer [together with other herbs as it protects acetylcholine which is important in Alzheimer. Don’tuse it in the evening as it may keep you awake.

May protect against breastcancer. Older patients may especially benefit fron it after debilitating infecrtious diseases with circulation problems, so think aboutis it after Corona. Also for young people who tend to be pale and listless and lacki energy and stamina.

From a herbal: “smell it oft and it shall keep thee youngly”…