An amino acid that is NOT used by the body for protein synthesis.
It is only available in animal products mainly meat and fish.
Has many important functions and not the least for a proper functioning retina! It has anti-arititmic heart] as well as anticonvulsive effects
Also of importance in fatty liver and liver cirrhosis
Breast milk is high in taurine.
Cats on artificial food will need taurine otherwise they may develop retina degeneration..
I send a photo of cat food [we have plenty at home as my wife takes with love care of probably all the cats on rehov ha-teena [our street] with some other cat lovers….] You will see the word taurine stressed on the bag!
Back to us: I think that all vegans /vegetarians probably also, should take a supplement of taurine

If you are a vegan and think this is not true, let me know, please. I take myself every day 1 to 2 grams of taurine without food
A lack of taurine may also cause problems with fat digestion and as said before cardiac arrhythmia