There are very good modern drugs for hypertension [after diet and lifestyle! changes!] and they can be used quite safely in general, but they are still “drugs”….
Most people coud support their treatment with 3 herbs[there are may more!]
This combination had been used by the famous Germsan herbalist and physician Dr Weiss z’l for decades. as a tea.
Most people will find it easier to take a tincture now adays.
I suppose the effect will be the same.

Tincture of:
Herba Visci albi/ Fol et Flor.Crataegi/ Fol. Melissae aa ad 100 cc
Take in the morning and before bedtime 30 drops 0of this mixture, for a long time.
These 3 herbs all have different effects.
Let me know your experience if you wish/