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BMJ 2003; 326 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.326.7403.1406 (Published 19 June 2003)Cite this as: BMJ 2003;326:1406

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Cabbage leaves – Poor Man’s Poultice

Fresh washed Cabbage leaves are known in European folk law medicine
as the Poor Man’s Poultice, nothing new about this ancient remedy used to
help reduce all types of painful swelling. And, shock, horror, you may
even find that there is a cache of cabbage in the ‘fridge of your local
maternity unit. Nothing freakish or stupid about the woman pictured in
Minerva who used it over her painful knee.

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26 June 2003

Helen M Woodman


University of Leeds, UK

Cabbage Leaves

I noted your item in Minerva about cabbage leaves and knees.My wife
when she was breast feeding was advised that if she developed symptoms of
breast engorgement that placing a cabbage leaf in her bra could provide
pain relief. I don’t recall her ever trying it but you article brought it
to mind. What of a cabbage leaf for headaches!

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24 June 2003

timothy p cotter

onsultant physician

james paget hospital gorelston, norfolk, nr31 6la

Regarding cabbage leaves

I was amazed to see the photograph submitted by M R Utting et al. Not
amazed that a cabbage leaf was used, but that this was considered

Cabbage leaves are frequently used by breast feeding women to soothe
engorged painful breasts. Their sucess in my personal trial of 1 has led
to my recomendation of them not only to breast feeding women but to any
one with an acutely inflamed anything with reasonable success.

A cabbage stored in the fridge is cheaper than any of the exciting
gel filled pouches you can buy and the leaves conform well to a variety of
anatomical shapes.

Visit www.nct-online.org for information regarding ways to support
women to breast feed.

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