Grapes can help keep the heart muscle from enlarging and improve its DIASTOLIC function……………..this is a major finding!!

There is not a single conventional drug that can improve diastolic function [, especially a problem in women, according to cardiologist Sinatra[USA]

What a shame that most of our grapes are heavily sprayed [pesticides]!

Of course, we can get organic grapes but they are much more expensive.

Researchers at the University of Michigan Health System have found that a small fruit can build your body’s antioxidant defences against this cardiac problem.

The scientists discovered that grapes beneficially alter genetic activity and metabolic developments that boost the production of the body’s glutathione, the most common cellular antioxidant found in the heart muscle.

The Michigan lab study shows that grapes can help keep the heart muscle from enlarging and improve its diastolic function. The natural substances in grapes do this by boosting the activity of related genes that accelerate the accumulation of glutathione.

“Our earlier studies showed that grapes could protect against the downward spiral of hypertensive heart failure, but just how that was accomplished — the mechanism — was not yet known,” says researcher E. Mitchell Seymour, Ph.D. “The insights gained from our NIH study, including the ability of grapes to influence several genetic pathways related to antioxidant defence, provide further evidence that grapes work on multiple levels to deliver their beneficial effects… (Each grape) contains hundreds of individual components, which we suspect likely work together to provide a synergistic beneficial effect.”