Mortality rates are for sure the most trustable of all countries as we have a Chevra kadisha [buria lsociety] which is absolutely holy in Israel

Far less holy [and deep;y political with their own aganda] are our health or governemental authorities from my experience.

I hope that tomorrow all of us can think otherwise, The first thing which the Government owes to all its citizens and doctors is to publish the secret “contract” they have with Pfizer and why all other measures /treatments have been “pushed away” in the most aggressive way.

Monday 9 May 22 2,594 new cases of the novel coronavirus were diagnosed in Israel on Sunday out of 63,587 tests administered, the Health Ministry announced on Monday morning. The positivity rate is at 4.08%.
The death toll stands at 10,741.

20 may 1o.827 death Internet