Let’s start with an amazing fact: recently it has been shown that grapefruit may be of huge importance in the treatment of hepatitis C. [[ journal of hepatology, Jan 2008

Also, olive leaves have been shown to useful and even extra zinc can be of uttermost importance [

Zinc is a negative regulator of hepatitis C virus RNA replication]

Hospitals are spending fortunes of money to try to reduce the virus load with drugs. full of side effects.

Olive leaves are useful against all possible viruses, bacteria and fungal infections and can be very important to prevent infections during cancer treatment

— There are many solutions for psoriasis, but do you know that turmeric as food sometimes can be of great use, also for nail problems connected with psoriasis?

Sometimes fasting [under medical supervision] can also be of great help, but I suppose you will prefer turmeric and other methods………

— For severe glomerulonephritis [a kind of acute kidney inflammation ] fasting may have dramatic results [Lancet 1958]

— Eating broccoli sprouts may probably to a high degree protect against sunburn {?}[and even better an ointment made from broccoli sprouts] I may use this in the future and let you know and hopefully write about the medical importance of sun and about “sunscreens”.

— Hyperbaric oxygen can be of huge huge importance for severe traumatic brain injuries -we should be spared for all this [ lo alenu]

— Vaccination for women soldiers against cervical cancer is in my opinion a totally irresponsible act of the health authorities.

Cervical cancer is an extremely rare condition in our country and could be totally annulled by keeping nida rules, including tevila, but explaining [or trying to explain this to women soldiers seems to be “forbidden”……Even so without all this circumcision is an incredible “weapon” against cervix carcinoma

Furthermore: the long term side effect of this vaccination is totally unknown.

— Bitter melon [momordica charantia]-available as a tincture, capsules etc-can be a very useful

in the treatment of diabetes, as well for psoriasis and also helpful in cancer treatment.[high effective in vitro against many cancers]

Green tea has never-ending surprises: for those who suffer from sleep apnoea[apnea] green tea may reduce possible damage caused by the apnoea [I wrote in the past a bit about sleep apnoea]

Recently it has been shown that green tea can greatly enhance the effect of many antibiotics and

even make certain bacteria susceptible again to antibiotics which became ineffective against these bacteria.

Green tea compounds have been shown to be able to stop prostate cancer [remarkable effective!], breast cancer, ovary cancer and colon cancer and many more cancers.

I may help prevent Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, damage of CVA [stroke] etc etc

It may help amazingly against CLL [a form of chronic leucaemia]

— Rosehip [tea] may be a simple effective help for “arthritis” complaints.

—I would think that it is high time to totally abolish the use of hydrogenated oils and artificially trans fatty acids as such and in all kinds of products. The direct and long term damage is now known for at least 50 years! Should we be the “zanav” [tail] among the nations?

— The lack of vitamin B12 has been rapidly increasing over the years amongst the whole population and the symptoms can be many!

Blood levels are not very trustable and anyone with medical problems which are not understood should have a trial of vitamin B12 injections [ no danger of overdose] and sometimes problems which have been existing for years can be solved by this cheap, underestimated treatment.

B 12 and folic acid have many functions, not in the least prevention of cancers and cardiovascular problems.

— People who have to undergo any form of cancer treatment are advised to consult a doctor who can offer at least additional, supportive treatment.

The mantra of oncologists that this makes the cancer treatment less effective is based on nothing or just a lack of knowledge and this advice may just increase significantly the mortality of aggressive cancer chemotherapy or radiation. There is enough proof for this.

— If anyone is “unlucky” to have to deal with such a situation and you have no personnel adviser then here are just a few [of many possible] suggestions:

— Buy/Take green tea, maitake D fraction [very effective in preventing spread-metastasis], red ginseng[ask for a trustable brand to a specialist in this field], astragalus, IP6 and eat ALL the vegetables and fruits you can get [really ALL][don’t forget berries] Don’t forget Broccoli sprouts!

This is just a choice of the many possibilities.

Red ginseng [if at least 5-6 years old] seems to protect “fully”!against all possible cancers, but it can cause some nervousness and sleeplessness sometimes [consult a specialist in this field.][I found this red ginseng for you but I don’t know the “age”: ActionLabs® Guaranteed Potency Ginseng Powermax® 6X™, Mfd. by Nutraceutical Corp.

And last, but not least: make your sleeping room totally dark [not any stray light entering] to have a maximum of natural melatonin secretion at night, a potent cancer fighter which you can produce yourself.