Another simple, pleasant way to lose weight?

Listening to classical music during the meal slows down the rapidity of food intake.

Jazz music increases the rapidity.

I don’t know about Chassidic music……..probably also fine.

A remarkable finding for men!  [Maybe this was published by women researchers…..?]

Men who ironed a whole bucket of shirts seemed to use up twice as many calories as women did. This is equal to an hour of cycling in a peaceful tempo or swimming at a low tempo for an hour! You may cancel the expensive “cheder-kosher” subscription.

Mothers who wash themselves too often with soap after birth may decrease healthy bacteria on the breasts [around the nipples] which the baby needs for healthy gut bacteria.

Anyhow, washing the whole body with SOAP DAYLY is not a healthy habit. Use lookwarm water in summer. and if you use soap let it be pure olive soap. 

Shampoos are the worst things![doesn’t matter what is advertised on the bottle] They were never used in history.

Do you know that all body secretions can be used as a remedy?

In India urine is used for all kinds of purposes .like ear infections[maybe our western feelings are too refined to think about all this.]

Sputum is a very powerful antibiotic /antiviral medicine especially the first-morning sputum.

Therefor start with dry brushing in the morning[see other articles]

First morning sputum has been shown to be able to neutralize even Aids viruses.

A small tip here:

If you are stuck with very painful hemorrhoids and you have no proper medicine [like hamamelis etc] then spit in a cup and try to apply the sputum to the haemorrhoids.

Hope you will carry on reading my emails after all the less “refined” remarks.[It is all medicine]

Some women may be f or nothing being treated with all kinds of eye drops for tearing or irritated eyes.

The only reason for this may be sometimes eye shadows or all other kinds of eye cosmetics.

Even an “innocent” healthy face cream may be the cause of this problem. Shampoos are the worst things!   

Please teach your children [and we should be the example for them] to close the tap when they are brushing their teeth.

A simple calculation will teach you how much water gets lost for nothing, even if we got -thanks G-d- abundant rain this year.

Suggestion: put a nice madbeka [sticker ] on the mirror to remember

Soon we will “enter ” the summer.

Bereshit 8:2 Rav Hirsch page170 perush on the Tora [Noach]

There are 6 seasons: 3 winter and 3 summer seasons

zera [beginning of the winter]: 15 Tishre-15 Kislev

choref [midwinter]:15Kislev-15 Shevat

kor [end of the winter]: 15 Shevat-15 Nisan

katzir [beginning of the summer]: 15 Nisan-15 Sivan

kayitz [midsummer]: 15 Sivan-15 AV

chom [ end of summer]: 15 AV-15 Tishre

Amd not to forget our home aniimals:

Giving a cat a pill/tablet straight in the throat is quite “an art”

To possibly be more successful, surround [enwrap] the pill with quite a bit of butter and maybe you will be lucky [my wife’s experience]