Date: June 25, 2009 resent from the past

Varicella = chicken pox= ababu-ot ruach= wind pokken etc.

These days there seem to be some cases of varicella [chickenpox] around.

I don’t know the statistics, but I got a call from a few patients.

Therefore a few words about this viral disease. [just a little joke: the Word program wants to change the word varicella while I am typing this word into : vermicelli or Marcella: maybe Microsoft needs some medical update…………..]

Varicella is basically a children’s disease, but these days, because of vaccinations, one sees it less and less.

I will not go into the discussion on the “wisdom” of vaccination against this children disease.

I don’t give advice about vaccinations by e-mail or telephone to anybody!

(I did send you a while ago a general article about vaccinations where I mentioned some of my own ideas, without connecting to this an absolute practical advice)

Varicella is highly contagious [therefore it is also called ababu-ot ruach wind pox /wind pocken /wind pokken [in Hebrew, English, German and Dutch etc] to “indicate” that it spreads as quickly /simple as the wind…..!

Typically there are developing fluid-filled lesions [like blisters] which in the end become a scab and fall of.

The lesions develop not all at once but in little groups, in different stages.

While some are still vesicles [“blisters”], others are already dried up scabs.

One always finds these blisters also on the head –the hairy part [look for them] and this is quite typical for varicella.

Also in the mouth and on the white of the eyes [even on the cornea] and elsewhere  one may find these blisters.

The immunity after varicella is lifelong! No second attacks.

Young babies will not get varicella if the mother had the disease, because they will be protected by antibodies in the blood of the mother which passes the placenta before birth.

The disease is not dangerous, but patients who are being treated with “anti-cancer” drugs, steroids and such [drugs which compromise the immune system], as well as pregnant women who never had chickenpox, should consult their doctor if there was contact with a patient with chickenpox.

Homeopathically I would ask the homeopathic pharmacy-if anybody gets chickenpox- to make up the following prescription:

ant tart
ant crudum
rhus tox
mixed together, totally 50 cc [equal parts] as D6 and to take every 2 to 3 waking hours some 7drop. under/on the tongue

Possibly rhus tox D6 alone may also be enough, but various writers bring their various experiences.

One well known German homeopathic work on children claims not to be impressed by homeopathic treatment for varicella.

A trial however will certainly not harm and it may bring relief.

Locally one may try some calendula or calamine lotion.

Also washing with the water of cooked potatoes [after straining] may help as well as oatmeal water [oatmeal soaked in water and strained]

Locally aloe vera may also be useful as well as vitamin E oil.

Washing with lavender and chamomile tea may also bring relief.

Drinking a tea mixture like that of

calendula/chamomile/sambucus/mentha/eupatorium may be useful and shorten the duration of the disease.

See below: Links from Wikipedia about varicella: [I don’t agree automatically with the all that is written in the various articles] [Hebrew] [english] [french] [spanish] [dutch] [german][ simple: english]