An excellent herb for nervous heart conditions, palpitations, high blood pressure, and blood pressure that is strongly influenced by stress. As the name motherwort suggests it is a good herb for women’s issues, menstrual cramps [ also vaginismus?] general hormonal issues, menopausal hypertension, palpitations asthmatic tendency especially during the menopause [antispasmodic] against anxiety, menopausal sleep  problems
Hyperthyroidism with bothersome palpitations together with melissa.
It has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, protects the inner walls of the vessels and may reduce the risk of stroke[CV] Has a “blood-thinning effect” [platelets]There is a lot of literature about this herb and it is widely used and examined in China.
It has the kind of effect that Betablockers have but without the side effects[Don’t stop your beta-blocker after reading this!]
Just like crataegus [hawthorn] and many other herbs, it is a shame that it is hardly known to Israeli physicians, especially cardiologists.
Things “hopefully” will change after Corona.
Easily available as drops[tincture]
Safe herb [don’t give in pregnancy but can be given during breastfeeding]