Often before an operation patients are told to stop[long before] all blood thinners

What I m writing here is for your general information and you should discuss thuis all with your doctor except for the second point.

1] Concerning fish oil: it has been shown that there is no benefit in stopping this [until for at least 2 days before the operation. Paradoxically, patients who took the fish oil had less need for a blood transfusion![these were open-heart surgery operations]

This may not ber applicable for other blood thinners!

2[ Do stop all SOLANIM [tomatoe, parika[gamba, potatoes etc] may be at least 4 days before the operation. It have been shown that patients recover much quicker from the operation [at least from the side effects of the anaesthesia] when they did so. This you don’t have to discuss with your doctor [most anesthesisrts are -alas-not aware of this]

May you never need all this knowledge…..but maybe it can, one day help a friend