Homoeopathy is a thorn in the eyes of many doctors and virtually all medical organisations [not so in India and a few other exceptions]

It is extremely difficult to work with homoeopathy except for acute cases where remedies like aconite and belladonna chamomile are often used in children.

If you start with homoeopathy [as a doctor] probably the best would be to learn a few remedies only and then to study only the  so-called peculiar and strange symptoms which are found only in certain remedies and use that remedy solely when a patient shows up with such strange or peculiar symptoms

I will try to send you again some examples, and if you are lucky, you may help yourself or a friend with such remedies

Today’s examples are when one’s nose starts running, and all kinds of other body complaints get better at the same time [joint pains, stomach pains etc.], then use Thuja [or in some cases lachesis]

If someone complains of sleepiness EVERY OTHER DAY in the afternoon and there is no other logical reason for that,[bad sleep, work schedule etc.], then Lachesis s may be the remedy, and this may also clear up other symptoms that bother the patient.

These are strange symptoms and at its moment, unexplainable by regular medicine and in these cases, homoeopathy can be of great help