Tinnitus is the medical term for “ringing in the ears”[see also an interesting “fact” below: [Sefer hanisyonot attributed to Abraham Ibn Ezra]

It is a subjective complaint of hearing a noise in one or both ears.

The noise may be continuous or it may come and go and may be low, medium or high pitched or may be of any quality.

It is experienced mostly as extremely disturbing.

Meniere’s disease also causes tinnitus but is accompanied by [gradual] hearing loss and vertigo [dizziness].

Tinnitus may have the rhythm of the pulse and is then often a vascular problem and is sometimes then “easy” to treat.

Some causes to look for [after any ENT [af, ozen,garon] problems have been excluded: vitamin B12 deficiencies,Stress ,TMJ problems [jaw joint], certain drugs can cause tinnitus, barotraumas, shooting, explosions, tanks][totachiem!!][strong, repeated sounds which can cause hearing loss and tinnitus.][nowadays Ipods[?][or whatever these things are called]

I have seen some excellent reactions to tinnitus caused by barotraumas and vitamin B12 injections.

Magnesium may also be very useful in such cases.

There also has been found, especially in people who have sleeping problems from the tinnitus, a good reaction to melatonin [never take this without a doctor’s advice]

TMJ problems which are often considered very hard to treat can often be dramatically improved by a single acupuncture needle at the point: ST 36

[I learned this from a Chinese journal]

If necessary, I can teach a family member to give further treatments at home. [the whole instruction will take 10 minutes]

Stays to mention a very interesting treatment mentioned in traditional literature about tinnitus/deafness and the use of “gall of an ox” [mara] in the ear. [Sefer hanisyonot attributed to Abraham Ibn Ezra, page 179][edited, translated and commented by J.O. Leibowitz and S.Marcus,1984, Jerusalem, The Magnes Press]

Many centuries later, a French herbalist, Jean Palaiseul mentions the same idea in “grandmother’s secrets” Penguin, 1976]

I am sure he did not read/know in Ibn Ezra.

I have some of this “gall “in my fridge if anybody wants to try [ I have rarely given it, and don’t remember seeing remarkable results with it] NOT ANY MORE AVAILABLE WITH JME

It has been shown that alpha-lipoic acid in high doses can have a positive effect on some of the symptoms of tinnitus…..check the literature if you wish