Folic acid during pregnancy: so important Resent because of many spelling mistakes

Date: April 24, 2022Author: harold jitschak bueno de mesquita0 Comments— Edit

For along, it has been known that taking folic acid before or immediately at the start of pregnancy as a supplement can sometimes prevent very serious birth defects,

I have written extensively about this [see past mails]

Since I am in Israel, I have advised women about this because we were taught to do so in Holland already in the sixties. Alas, Israel introduced this very late in their medicall policy

I have also told all pregnant women not to stop folic acid after the first trimester because publications of decreased frequency of leukaemia [is quite rare in children whose mothers continued folic acid during pregnancy.

It has also been shown [ Acta Paediatr] that children of mothers who continued folic acid were better of by various psychological and sociological tests.

So, please don’t listen to doctors who tell you to stop folic acid after the first trimesters.[He may not be aware of these facts]

In this email, I will not discuss the difference between folic acid and folate during pregnancy or in general This is a quite complicated issue and b”h again in another mail.