“Kugel” which most [Jews]will not forget……]

What do you REALLY have to know?

Kegel exercises are well known to many women; it is often the job of physiotherapists to instruct them,

For MEN these exercises are equally important [PROSTATE PROBLEMS] but I still have to hear from a male patient that the urologist spoke with them about this!!

There are a lot of lengthy videos with all kinds of anatomical explanations, which few of you will be interested in.

The most important is to know how to correctly perform these exercises to be effective

The part of the contractions of the anal area is mostly known but not so with the part of the “ever”[penis] that one should try to “draw” into the abdomen

Start with the video from 2.40, which quite well explains all this.

FROM A DUTCH SITE: Exercise can strengthen and better control the pelvic floor muscles and the sphincter of the bladder. These are the muscles that you use when you briefly interrupt (squeeze) urination. When you imagine in your mind that you want to hold your pee, you tense those muscles. The muscles you use to squeeze your pee are your pelvic floor muscles.

Another good explanation-video: