Pregnant…..[or not]…..Gets tremendous nauseated [“bechilot”]  and even tendency to faint from odors [of cooked food and especially from eggs and fish]

This is enough to try: one dose of COLCHICINUM 200, under or on the tongue[to suck].

I had seen one patient [who is still consulting me when necessary] who suffered during various pregnancies nearly the WHOLE PREGNANCY [and all other pregnancies]from strong nausea and had these “cooked food symptoms” and was healed with one dose of colchicine.

She also had a  [ice] cold feeling in the stomach, another possible symptom of colchicinum.

The late Vrijlandt Dutch homeopath] described 2 patients with a leucemia [one, a  child who was “given up”]who were healed with colchicinum because this remarkable symptom brought him on the idea to prescribe colchinum.

He mentions an extra symptom: the sometimes unequal size of the eye pupils.

Maybe anyone pregnant at the moment recognises this picture

and perhaps be healed? 

Refua shlema and let me know.