When I write a few words here about dialysis, then this is not to be “arrogant”, as this is totally outside my expertise.

I am just bringing a few remarks from the literature which you may want to discuss with your nephrologist.,but I suppose that he will be totally aware of all this already

Proteins are important for dialysis patients but should be mostly from vegetarian sources [to prevent high phosphor intake as much as possible. avoid animal products]

I suppose that most dialysis patients will get L-carnitine as a supplement which has been shown to be quite essential for most patients [as well as other supplements [never add yourself anything without discussing this with your doctor or preferable nephrologist.

The preparation of food can be crucially important for dialysis patients. Instead of frying or roasting, use boiling, poaching, and stewing.

May dialysis soon be replaced by new simple techniques, and may the prevention of chronic kidney failure become a major educational task for doctors.