Anyone who has had jaundice in the past should make sure to eat plenty of dandelion salad, especially in the spring. Artichokes, chicory, and all bitter herbs and salad vegetables are also excellent for the liver. Radish is considered medicinal and, for this reason, should only be taken in moderate amounts, as too many can place excessive strain on the liver. And never forget to drink carrot juice, as I have already mentioned on other occasions. Suppose this advice is followed and the follow-up cure is faithfully adhered to. In that case, jaundice will be completely cured, and the patient will fully recuperate without suffering any unpleasant consequences.
My remark: there are many causes of jaundice, but here Vogel likely refers to the most common ones[viral hepatitis etc.] Nowadays, one can purchase many excellent herbal capsules with these herbs, and it is indeed wise to use them every now and then some of these herbs

Alfred Vogel. The Nature Doctor: A Manual of Traditional & Complementary Medicine (p. 355). Verlag A.Vogel. Kindle Edition.[in Dutch: De Kleine Dokter]

Just one example:

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