I hope every policeman [and others who deal with the public] are trained in this field described below.

Everyone who is arrested for violent behaviour and “closed in”[ temporarily ] should be “forced” to take some sugar directly in the form of glucose pills or sugar] The person may have a [reactive] hypoglycemia [sudden low blood sugar], and this may have caused his behaviour Homey is not good for this purpose unless it is not “real honey.”

When I was in medical school in the sixties in Holland, we heard now and then that an arrested person lost consciousness in a police cell [or even rarely died]

At that time, the discussion started to make people aware of possible hypoglycemia as a cause of violent behaviour. In a more general way: everyone who is suddenly not feeling well [even with “stroke symptoms” should be immediately given a rapidly absorbable sugar source [This may be the only “defendable reason”: why coca-cola should be found in a refrigerator of a synagogue……]

It has been shown that children whose sugar intake is drastically reduced [or given sweet fruits instead or the like] improve in every way, and the poisonous Ritalin [or the likes] should never be considered an option. The same may be true for many food colourings.