A miracle, while this drug is not prescribed as the first choice for TIA or CVA—-or man other neurological conditions: far, far safer than what is used now and probably far more effective and easily obtained. The only reason can be that all the other treatments are far more lucrative. also for hospitals

I have sent a lot of articles about Minocycline that older subscribers may have seen. so to spare time, I will not resend these articles, you can look them up all in my WordPress by entering the search term:  minocycline.

I am RE-sending you this mail as ii feel that any older patient [or younger patients with cardiovascular risks] should have one strip of capsules at home [100mg per capsule] for emergencies.

Treatment within the first minutes may prevent a severe CVA; I have now advised it and have experience with it for a good 14 years.

Please take care to have a package at home, IT IS cheap, but you need a prescription. Please insist that your doctor gives you a prescription; it is not a SMALL issue to be able to possibly prevent a devastating condition B”H

THE DRUG IS SAFE and is prescribed daily to young girls with acne, that says enough