Why bother you with worms??

Because I want to bring to your attention -may be rare cases in Israel ?-the connection of this parasite with asthma or pneumonia [see link just below]


In Surname -my birth country- where I worked for 7 years nearly every patient was checked for worms which is logical for a tropical country.

In Israel, this is hardly done ever. Logicall a different climate but this also means that ascaris infections will nearly always be missed.

From the book of David Werner : where there is no doctor :

nice book for all. EVEN FOR DOCTORS!!


How they are spread:
Feces-to-mouth. Through lack of cleanliness, the roundworm eggs pass from one
person’s stools to another person’s mouth.
Effect on health:
Once the eggs are swallowed, young worms hatch and enter the bloodstream;
this may cause general itching. The young worms then travel to the lungs, sometimes
causing a dry cough or at worst, pneumonia with coughing of blood. The young worms
are coughed up, swallowed, and reach the intestines, where they grow to full size.
Many roundworms in the intestines may cause discomfort, indigestion, and
weakness. Children with many roundworms often have very large, swollen bellies.
Rarely, roundworms may cause asthma, or a dangerous obstruction or blockage in the
gut (see p. 94). Especially when the child has a fever, the worms sometimes come out
in the stools or crawl out through the mouth or nose. Occasionally they crawl into the
airway and cause gagging.
There are many types of worms and other tiny animals (parasites) that live in
people’s intestines and cause diseases. Those which are larger are sometimes seen in
the stools (feces, shit):
1. ROUNDWORM (Ascaris)

Where There Is No Doctor 2011
Use latrines, wash hands before eating or handling food, protect food from flies,
and follow the guidelines of cleanliness described in the first part of this chapter.
Mebendazole will usually get rid of roundworms. For dosage see p. 373.
Piperazine also works (see p. 374). Some home remedies work fairly well. For a home
remedy using papaya see page 13.
WARNING: Do not use thiabendazole for roundworms. It often makes the worms
move up to the nose or mouth and can cause gagging.

treatment: vermox 2x per day 100 mg 3 fdays [ask your doctor]