Since 2007 I have used MINOCYCLINE for all suspected neurological conditions [TIA,CVA ,SUDDEN DIZZINESS ,loss of sudden power in a limb ETC]

It is a miracle drug !

If you want to know why then search on my WordPress for minocycline and you will find enough articles. This drug is highly ignored by doctors and used mostly when it is not necessary: for acne!

I would advise anyone who has a family member with Alzheimer to try minocycline for a month or two, possible 2x per day 50 mg or 2x 100 mg and judge what is happening [at least an hour before and after no milk products .

I ti wise for anyone to keep one strip of doxyline [doxycycline]at home and for the older population [after 60 or so] one strip of minocycline as well. Don’t wait for emergencies!!

I have also advised it after Covid with all king of strange neurological feelings.