First, let’s pray that sanity will soon return to our world [as much as there was ever sanity]
May we also be spared from natural disasters and epidemics and disasters caused by human beings.
We just all experienced [and are still experiencing] the Hand of the Creator which allowed the whole world to feel that we are all totally might less OR that we can change “decrees” by total honesty.
The Corona “happening” has shown the best sides of human society and at the same time the most decadent corruption in a society where only financial benefits seem to rule the world.

For me, it is “sure” that there is a huge connection between the past period where the world has been full of lies and corruption[and the truth which is now coming more and more to the daylight from ALL directions and the”BEAR”[Russia] which may get the free hand to do what is good or bad if we don’t improve or ways-G-d forbid.
Thanks, G-d that there were so many doctors and health workers [and the “normal man on the street” with a high ethical norm who were not influenced by our corrupt world]

Sending you another link about Ivermectin…..whatever the truth is, it is clear that also in Israel we will have to give a “din ve-chesbon” [reckoning] why the authorities did everything to withhold it from the public.!!
The lowest level we may have witnessed in medicine is in the USA where a human drug that has saved many millions from getting blind [and was honoured with a Nobel Prize] was propagated as to be only good for “Horses” by the extreme greedy part of American society!

To see the wonderful side: let us all be thankful that we live in a time in which we are so blessed with powerful medicines and procedures if necessary!

Dr Campbell is extremely careful with his words and is a real “English” man in this respect!