A very important issue in deciding/choosing a homeopathic remedy may be desires or aversions to certain foods if these are outspoken.
Probably this is even more significant in children than in adults.
Just a few examples: a strong craving for salt may be a symptom that Nat.Mu r[ homeopathic salt,] as little “sweet globules” made from salt [ sounds strange??] may benefit the person [of course kidney disease has t be excluded first because of a possible pathological condition]
There are more homoeopathic remedies where a craving for salt exist

A real aversion against eggs maybe a hint for homoeopathic Iron [Ferrrum], especially if there is also a strong desire for tomatoes[or sometimes the opposite: an aversion] as well for sour [desire or aversion]
A strong desire for eggs maybe a hint for Calc Carb.

A long experience I have is with a strong CRAVING for olives.
Virtually always Lycopodium will in these cases benefit the patient.

As far as I know, there is not a single theory in biology/medicine at this moment that can explain these “odd phenomena “.