This is a herb that is used in small amounts [“homeopathic”] and is wonderful in relieving anxieties connected with the heart. I have used it, especially at the beginning of the Corona epidemic for patients with irregular heart action, tachycardia, palpitations, and angina pectoris kind of symptoms with strong anxieties. It was on the market from a Swiss firm  Similasan [ as Calm and Serenity] containing also asafetida, lycopus and passiflora in homeopathic dilutions.[D4 and D3]

Suddenly it disappeared and did not come back for unknown reasons

It is safe when used in small amounts and for some reason, it is very hard to find, as probably only superb companies know how to put a safe does in a combination, also often with crataegus[hawthorn] together.

I tried to copy the formula by prescribing the same ingredients but without the same good results.

Recently I found a formula from Herb Pharm [one of the best herb producers!] which also contained 

Cactus (Selenicereus grandiflorus) but it also not available already for a few months now. I hope it will come back just as the Similasan as these are so useful and so many patients could be helped by these products.