Maybe hundreds of patients I have tried to help to treat Helicobacter during many years , not by the “fixed hospital” formula’

Even if this would work fine the recurrence rate is quite high according to the many reports I received from patients. There are endless herbs and other advice which can be given to heal and prevent Helicobacter.

Tonight I just want to mention a herb with which I have limited experience but is extremely well known in Chinese medicine: Schisandra fruit. It is widely used in various liver conditions and much more.

On e the Internet you may find that there are few trials in Western medicine but this really does not interest me as it has a long well-established tradition in Chinese medicine

I am writing you about this herb as I expect that it may be a good addition in the treatment of Helicobacter and you can try this yourself

From: Edwards, Sarah E.; da Costa Rocha, Ines; Williamson, Elizabeth M.; Heinrich, Michael. Phytopharmacy (p. 344). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

Anti-ulcer effects: In an uncontrolled study, a Schisandra fruit tincture was used to treat patients with acute and chronic stomach and duodenal ulcers, with all subjects reporting a reduction in symptoms after just a few days, and ulcer healing in over 95% of subjects after 35 days of treatment (WHO 2007).

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