If someone asks if there is a homoeopathic remedy for fear/anxiety then the answer should be: NO

There are tens of remedies that may fit and with some luck one may find the right remedy

In some cases, a single remedy may be chosen.

In my experience

if: a child fears for DARK and can’t fall asleep when all lights is out AND the child easily respondswith panic attacks and may wake up with such attacks in the middle of the night then it is worth trying the homeopathic remedy

STAPHYSAGRIA . Ask for 1.5 gram of staphysagria 200 and give the child to suck one time a few globules [for example the amount you can put in the “pkak” [cap of the bottle]

This may be repeated after 2 weeks if necessary

I have often seen Staphysagria working in these cases and especially now in ” war-times” this may do a lot of good.