It is my impression that in our “Corona period” there are more UTI[urinary tract infections] than in the .past.

I have seen a few articles which connected also the vaccinations with an increase in UTI[not written by so-called anti-vaxers]
I am writing about this all for another reason than for ‘statistics”
I have seen various cases now [mostly women of course ] but also a few men who did not react on the standard antibiotics given for UTI as usual.
They did react on Doxycycline [Israel” doxyline] which is normally not prescribed for UTI.
In the past, I have also seen this [, before the Corona era] that doxylin often helps for UTI.
A long while ago I sent a mail about the fact that there is sometimes a discrepancy between a urine culture and reality.

The culture may show sensitivity for certain antibiotics and in VIVO this is not so.
I sent an article about this issue which subscribed my experience but I don’t have the article at hand at this moment.

So you may consider asking your doctor about doxycycline in case needed for UTI ,if you are not pregnant! Doxyline has also been shown to be important for covid.