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Andrew Green, works at Automated Logic

Answered Jan 7, 2016 The most straightforwarddefinition I found:

Phenomenology is primarily concerned with studying stuctures in the mind as they are experienced 1st person. It contrasts from other areas of philosophy by more or less doing away with the subjective/objective catigories, and mainly discussing how things are experienced.
Some examples may make this type of analysis more clear. Take for instance the observation of a table. While some philosophers may be concerned with what properties it has or how you would define it, a phenomenologist may ask how this perception affects the observer. What expectations do we have for how this table is used? How does it play into the picture of our surroundings, and how will our actions and thoughts be formed around it?

Another example might be that of a hammer. Someone who uses this tool frequently may nearly loose awareness of it when working, having their thoughts on the placements of nails rather than that mechanics of swinging the hammer. Perhaps later when they are looking for a place to store this hammer in a drawer their thoughts will be entirely on its shape and length and not on its use. In phenomenology these subjective experiences become the most important part of analysis.

A Resource for Phenomenological Inquiry

The scholars listing provides descriptions of philosophers and other individuals who have made special contributions to the field of Phenomenology.