May we not withhold -out of pride-ANYTHING that can save a patient’s life.

With big sadness, I am sending this mail. Will you gain much health from it? NO

Who likes statistics about diseases and death? Unless you have to deal with it because off pure professional reasons and planning

I am anyhow sending it as it seems that we can’t come to real honesty during this whole epidemic. As long as this is out of confusion it is understandable.

If it is a result of POLITICAL UNTRUTH, then we are in a very ugly position.

As far as I seem to know, not a single doctor got during all this time any relevant information from the health authorities. All had to be “distilled” from the newspapers, Arutz 7 and foreign media

I copied a few recent writings, judge yourself in case I can’t read…..

Israel National News 03.02.22

80% of serious COVID cases are fully vaccinated’ says Ichilov hospital director
Vaccine has “no significance regarding severe illness,” says Prof. Yaakov Jerris.

The Times of Israel EBRUARY 6, 2022:

The ministry said serious cases were much more common among the unvaccinated: Among unvaccinated patients aged 60 and up, there were 415.6 serious cases per 100,000 people compared with 35.9 for their vaccinated counterparts.

Jerusalem post EBRUARY 6, 2022
366 people are considered to be in critical condition, and 291 are intubated with another 19 people connected to ECMO machines. Of those in serious condition, 507 are unvaccinated, 125 are partially vaccinated, and 549 are fully vaccinated. The vaccination status of some 82 patients in serious condition is unknown.