For a long time, Portulaca [with other measures] seem to have protected all the patients who took this on a regular basis.

Even now with so many cases and high increasing mortality- I have not heard -Thanks G-d–of patients who were severely sick or had to be hospitalized [of those who are taking Portulaca etc]

When the third vaccination started some patients [taking Portulaca] attracted Corona or were tested positive but without being severe sick After the fourth injection infections started increasing sharply but again all with mild cases. [for those taking Portulaca]
According to the authorities, there is NO connection between vaccinations and increasing infection! Let it be this way….
A few months ago, I added for those who have infected a formula which the Chines have been /are using as well with well-known herbs, also containing Portulaca. [remarkably!] 

I took Portulaca out of the formula because this is/was being used already.I called the formula Rheum[one of the ingredients] to make it easy to tell the pharmacy [only available in Gilo and Many, both having a delivery service]I will post the formulas at the end of this letter [no secrets] 
This last formula should not be used in pregnancy. People who use drugs should ask me about it. There is a formula of mine which can be used in pregnancy with both pharmacies but on own responsibility [even if the herbs are safe]In this brief time, I have already seen good effects from this last formula I did add 4 homoeopathic remedies to this Chinese formula for the special complaint we see now. [headache, strong muscle pains. mucus, tiredness]I suspect that this formula may help as well for “long covid”

Second issue:
Vitamin D has been shown since long to be of extreme importance and now Israel [better late than never] start publishing their finding [we may have trusted other countries in this aspect which has nothing to do with religion…!!and may have prevented a lot of mortality!
May G-d give us wisdom on how to proceed and what to correct.

The Rheum formula

Lonicera 20
Rheum palmatum 20
Plantago 30
Licorice liq extracct 10
Justicia adhatoda D6 5cc /Ars alb D6 5cc/ Sticta pulm D3 5cc/ Eupatrorium D6 5cc
ALL TOGETHER in one bottle, but suck FIRST from a teaspoon 5 drops and\ then take 25 drops im a glass of water
מוצצים תחילה מכפית 5 טיפות ואז קח 25 טיפות בכוס מים

Pregnancy and Corona:

Pregnancy and Corona
M.T plantago 30 cc / raspberry 40 cc/ urtica20 cc/ licorice liq extract 10 cc for one or two weeks 2x per day 15 drops in water [can be taken together with echinacea]

פעמיים ביום 15 טיפות במים [ניתן ליטול יחד עם אכינצאה]


Absolute life-saying : What form of vitamin D to give if admitted to the hospital to save life??Please spread this message, no idea if done in Israel.

https://dr-bueno.com/2021/02/14/absolute-life-saying-what-form-of-vitamin-d-to-give-if-admitted-to-the-hospital-to-save-lifeplease-spread-this-message-no-idea-if-done-in-israel/ via @bdmesq

Israel WAKING UP Baruch Ha-Shem: