Mexican Institute of Social Security Large Observational Study: Home Treatment Kit with Ivermectin Reduces Hospitalizations & Death

TrialSite StaffJanuary 30, 20222 Comments

This large retrospective observational population study out of Mexico is a testament to the benefits of treating mild outpatient Covid-19 cases with a medical kit at home. They found that the incidence of hospitalization was only 6.14% in patients who received a kit and 11.71% in those who did not. In the multivariate model, receiving a medical kit was associated with a lower risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19: adjusted risk ratio 0.35 (95% confidence interval 0.30–0.40).


This retrospective, two-group comparative study was sponsored by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, (IMSS), a system providing healthcare to about 68 million people or 54% of the Mexican population. Operating approximately 1,400 primary care medical units, 270 general community hospitals, and 25 tertiary and quaternary care medical centers distributed throughout the 32 Mexican states.

During the pandemic, IMSS implemented respiratory care modules in a bid to classify and care for COVID-19 patients.  For the cohort of patients with mild COVID-19 without respiratory symptoms, a large study was set up comparing a group that received the tre…