So many of these articles you are receiving. For what reason?

You may be a male,60 years old What do I gain from all of this information you may think rightfully? Well: you may have daughters,other family,neighbours where you happen to hear thatthe wife is suffering[or more likely you wife may hear about this]

Is this only a “small mitzvah” to transfer this information in these cases?
All this should not have been necessary if most doctors had been trained even a little in “natural medicine” but this is still not the case in most of the our country[ and the Western world in generl especially the USA]]
How many women don’t get potentially dangerous drugs for these kinds of conditions?

Conclusions: For primary dysmenorrhea, cinnamon/fennel/ginger effectively reduced pain intensity, and cinnamon shortened the duration of pain. Further studies are needed to confirm our results. Efficacy of herbal medicine (cinnamon/fennel/ginger) for primary dysmenorrhea: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials – PubMed (

My comment :No need for expensive studies…..Just try……… for you…….EXCELLENT!

Of course, you should d try to find the reason why you have this problem