May we fiercely pray that “conflict of interests:” will be wiped out and that treatment that has been used in most parts of the world will NOT be denied/withhold from Israeli hospitalized patients. May doctors will not have to fear repercussions from the MOH or Israeli law if they are trying to save patients by ways that are safe but not according to burocratic MOH PROTOCOLS.

Israeli SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Cases Surge, as Do Deaths While Study Reveals a Fourth Booster Raises Antibodies Yet Doesn’t Appear to Stop Omicron

TrialSite StaffJanuary 30, 20220 Comments

Israel, one of the more heavily vaccinated nations, goes through its worst surge yet with record infections driven by both the delta and omicron variants of concern.  Despite a vaccination rate of nearly 70% and the world’s most boosted populations (three doses) as well as a fourth dose underway, new COVID-19 cases have shattered all records while the daily number of deaths approach previous surges.   Death data up to date aren’t readily available so it’s not clear if serious hospitalization and deaths are predominantly unvaccinated.

Current Situation

With 55% of the Israeli population currently boosted over the past handful of months, many suggested the cases would be contained. But TrialSite has chronicled country after country where heavily vaccinated nations continue to reel from a combination of waning vaccine efficacy and overpowering SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern such as delta and now omicron.

Israeli health authorities reported a seven-day average of 78,062 cases, far higher than in previous more deadly surges by Saturday January 29.  59 deaths, approaching previous highs in past surges, were reported on Saturday, January 29th as well.