I very often use Plantago. In fact, it is one of the components in the “rheum” formula which I advise for Covid next to Portulaca for the last few months. The formula is based on a Chinese herbal formula -about which I wrote already. –for Covid and which also contains Portulaca ! For everyone who I advised to use always drops for tooth-brushing one of the ingredients is Plant ago tincture

Dr Ary Vrijlandt was a famous Dutch clinical homoeopath who used Plantago for loose sitting teeth with unbelievable results. In the video, this dental use is also mentioned Another issue connected to this doctor: In his time rheumatic fever was rampant, hardly seen nowadays and he wrote that he never saw carditis when he used Bryonia as homoeopathy after a streptococcal infection!! Some of my patients know about this.

Enjoy the video, The “Rheum” formula should not be taken in pregnancy and maybe people taking various drugs should ask for advice before buying!

Plantago tincture is available without a prescription