Euphorbia hirta whole plant could improve wound healing after topical and oral administration. Moreover, orally treated groups showed better diabetic wound healing.

This plant has a very long tradition for the treatment of many medical conditions. Here I will show just one article about its wound-healing effect.

It is now examined in the Philippines [together with other herbs] for the treatment of Covid

Another herb examined there [and elsewhere] is Vitex negundo against Covid


I feel ashamed to have to say that our Jewish country [at least the official bodies, that decide medical policies at the moment, are a ‘slave” of the USA and some Western countries and don’t believe in ANY possible herbal or other treatmentI would like to call this “medical Apikores” , denying the fact that the Creator causes to grow so many useful medical herbs which we refuse to examine.

The population in Israel-in general -Baruch Ha-Shem have not lost their connection with nature’s blessings.

May we all be healed soon and may no one get damaged because of “policies” or misjudged decisions or worse by a conflict of interests.

Personally, I pray daily of course not to give any wrong advice as difficult as it may be these days.

May G-d help all the doctors and care-takers in the frontline to be able to perform their extremely difficult and exhausting tasks and may they be able to do their job to the best of their skill and judgement and not to be “paralysed’ by politicians. We all should be extremely grateful to them!