To remember a picture of a homoeopathic remedy……I connect it with a Tora idea.

If homoeopathy was available in the desert [midbar] how “good” might that has been for benee Israel at that time? It is often stated that the most difficult times in life are times of transition….. changes in life……..changes in routine That is brought as a reason why we made such mistakes in the first two years after leaving Egypt and again just before entering Eretz K’naan[ Eretz Israel] We could not manage with the changes…..I think I saw this idea mentioned by Rabbeny Hirsch [not sure]

All the years between have been peaceful. of course, this is just a way to help you remember a very special homoeopathic picture.Capsicum [ as homoeopathy]

Picture of Capsicum

Always looking back, nostalgia, paradise lost! Children don’t sleep well when lodging out [staying with family, not being at home]Moving can do them very bad, changing from school………any change of routine. Capsicum children can eat anything which they get hold of [they like spicy food] and are often fat. They may be clumsy but also daredevils [Grandgeorge]

Grandgeoge who describes this remedy beautifully brings an example of a 9 months old child with generalized eczema. When he asked the mother how the pregnancy was she answered: “terrible”….we had to move 3 times. One dose of capsicum healed most of eczema.