These days cough, strong headaches and muscle pains seem to be the main bothering symptoms of Flu-Omicron etc

In the past I have written about Vicks VapoRub, alas it is not imported in Israel but a”Chinese ointment” [tiger-balm] may replace it [I would prefer Vicks] or locally prepared ointments with the same ingredients as Vicks by pharmacies in Israel.. Most people are familiar with rubbing Vicks on the chest or back when they have a cold. Don’t use it if you are breast feeding or next to small children as it may cause bronchospasms with them.

Below a very special way of using it and it could be important for EVERYONE WITH cORONA whatever the symptoms are, for sure if there is strong cough

The website of Graedon writes:

“This comment is only partly about Vicks Vaporub and partly about the bottoms of the feet. About seventy years ago I learned about putting medication on the feet instead of into the stomach; my brother had pneumonia and was in great distress when a neighbour lady suggested that we make a poultice of onions boiled in sugar syrup, pack it on his feet and wrap with cloth and cover with socks. Don’t laugh! It worked! His fever broke and he got well very quickly.