Before starting this mail with some kind requests to all of you let me start with a small joke.
A patient wanted to be truly kind to me and decided to translate his Hebrew mail to me in English and this
did me realize how humoristic even Google [translation] can be
He wrote me [like this]  
“I and my wife should take one pill a day, how much should the little goats take?” I was not sure why he asked me a veterinarian question, so I did some effort to find out what he could mean.
The vocabulary solved the problem! Google preferred to use the second translation for child or kid!!

Kid [in the vocabulary]
informal 1] child or young person. 2] young goat.                                               

Google can bring some extra colour to our life sometimes, more than expected!
Now back to the purpose of this mail.
These last two years when I was most of the time at home, I answered virtually the complete day telephone calls for obvious reasons.
Now in the last month -since we got a new ‘ ‘guest” Omicron I get tens of calls per day as well as many emails.

A new development is the cell phone which I took for a very special reason. [without that one better move to the Amazon forest in our time…]
I use the cellphone only for family and for urgent cases like patients in hospitals [operations, birth etc.] and the like and for colleagues if they wish to call me for a patient [because they will not free their line to call me]
Occasionally the cell phone might be handy to send me a picture but often an e-mail picture is better visible/’readable”

More and more patients start using this apparatus to reach me [my number is NOT secret]
I really want to prevent this and ask all of you to respect this. On top of this if people call me on another telephone them I can’t answer the telephone at the same time when i am called via the payphone and patients may waste their money also because of this.I connected with Paycal a couple of years ago after it became clear that it became impossible to carry on working normally as anyone could talk for free as long as he wanted on the free telephone [and-alas-this became a “reality”, when in an hour only 3 or 4 people could reach me ] This is now much better and most patients will limit the amount of time they need to speak to me. 
Also please don’t send me lab results via email which are hardly readable or on “their head” [upside down]!
If you are as fluent in English as in Hebrew then [only then] write me in English, please
Please write also in a medium-big font, instead of choosing the “smallest font” and ALWAYS write your Tel number please, in case I wish to call you.

Please don’t expect me to spend many more hours per day answering emails with all kinds of questions which will take me a huge time to answer all the possibilities. A telephone talk can often take just a short time to answer these questions,
I WILL TRY to answer emails as much as possible if these are short questions and easy to answer while trying to take full responsibility from my side. Please help me to be able to go on helping those that need help

.It may be of benefit for most of you to subscribe to my “WordPress” site. I spend a lot of time bringing the most important medical issues for all ages and this site is also easily searchable. The site is mostly in English but Google translation can help a lot also to get some humoristic emails…!

If you feel it as a “coercion” to subscribe to my site [which is for free] then you also can see what I write by typing in twitter@bdmesq  where most posts of the last 2 years are also posted.

I appreciate your help and trust in my advice. May Bore Olam continue helping me to give the right advice to all of you without any conflict of interests.