Warming, Satiating, Strengthen, Non-addictive, Loosen the Bowels: Ketuvot 10b
Times of Day when consumption is beneficial or destructive: Ketuvot 10b

Eating dates after blood-letting: Shabbat 129a
Consumption with Bread: Ketuvot 10b
Exorcise Worry: Ketuvot 10b
Exorcise Intestinal Disorders: Ketuvot 10b
Intoxicating: Ketuvot 10b
Strong Date liquor is delicious at first, but painful in digestion: Pesachim 107a
Dates Satiate, perhaps enough so that one could make a Blessing of Bread and Blessing After [Full] Meals on them: Rosh Berachot 1:14
Use in curing Kokayni: Shabbat 109b
Use in curing Arkesa: Shabbat 109b