Could modern water filters increase the chance of severe covid?

Tonight, I sent to you a fascinating article about the life-saving effect of a new product from Israel. This article speaks about calcium bicarbonate, to state this simple. I suppose that most modern water filters which, so many people use in Israel[and in the world?] could remove calcium salts from the water[ makes the water “soft”] which is not a good thing in itself.

It would be a simple thing to search for patients [households] with severe covid and the use of water filters at home. Mineral water should not be a prob em in this respect, I suppose. I don’t know if in our new “synthetic” water supply these msalts are also removed. Any one of you with a major task at Chigon[water supply]?

Can you check if indeed the water filters remove calcium salts[calcium bicarbonate] and give an idea how to do research[questionnaire] for filters and Covid? Absolute the cheapest research that can be done!

Happy with any practical idea. Thanks!