In case you have experience with a procedure, and you know that you have a “BOSS”[the Creator] above you who knows all secrets, then trust yourself and be prepared to change your mind/”experience” in case things work out otherwise. This is the only way to go ahead if huge capitals are at stake and if there are extreme opposite opinions such as we see now and have seen {see the BBC article below]

I have totally no experience with Ivermectin but if I had seen a few patients who were seriously sick and not improving, getting quickly better with Ivermectin then it would be clear to me.

I suppose that is what some doctors saw in practice, but I know none of them.

In the meantime, I can only suggest that patients carry one with Portulaca and echinacea [and the rest of the supplements]even if some [more and more] got infected[“positive”] but -Baruch Ha-Shem no one seriously sick. I will write more about this again in another mail b”h.