Of course, books can be written about this subject, There are many kinds of kidney-stones

More than 3/4 of kidney stones are calcium stones [most often calcium oxalate]

Just a few words about a few botanicals which you may ask your doctor about if you want to try herbs

These have shown some good results in humans. Phyllanthus niruri = Chanca Piedra used mostly in Brazil. It has been shown effective for preventing stones.

Other herbs with a proven record :

Andrographis paniculata, Hibiscus sabdariffa, and Orthosiphon grandiflorus. They are often used in tea form.

Of course in every “simple country” you will find effective herbs for this condition except for the ones mentioned above, but the more the country is highly developing ,the more “drugs” will take over and few will know any more about the local plants.[see the books of Nisim Krispel for Israeli plants]