An example of homoeopathy excellent described by Didier Grandgeorge

Aethusa cynapium

Mother-infant misunderstanding
This remedy is helpful for babies who never stop crying and are
nursed constantly by the mother. At the breast once every hour or two,
the infant is stuffed and is subject to digestive troubles: colic,
regurgitation of curdled milk. The key to the remedy is found in the
difficulty of establishing communication between mother and child. The
baby cries; the mother does not know what she needs, becomes
anxious, and decides to feed her, whether it is at the breast or with a
Subsequently, the child may show intolerance to milk, perhaps
even milk allergies. Episodes of diarrhea will also occur, especially in
summer, with a lack of thirst (which is very paradoxical: normally the
dehydration from diarrhea brings on a sensation of thirst).
The remedy is also useful for students who are stuffed with all sorts of knowledge and who abruptly reject anything to do with their studies

Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines: Essential Insights to 300 Remedies Paperback – December 30, 1997