If nothing helps, then try acupuncture. A few tips [there are many more]

Try ginger capsules 2x 500mg or 4x 250 mg per day. Vitamin B6 can be quite helpful for reducing nausea :2 to 3 times per day 25 mg, it often seems to help more against nausea than vomiting, can be combined with Ginger.

Homoeopathy can be very useful but only if the individual symptoms fit the remedy, otherwise it would be useless.

A few times I have found one remedy very effective [without special individual symptoms] and you may always try ir: Symphocarpus D6 gobuli, such 2x per day a globule .

One time I could help someone with col chine homoeopathy where the symptoms were: Extreme sensitivity for odors .also for food odors and a very COLD feeling it the stomach! These are the weird things of homoeopathy [All the pregnancies she suffered nearly the whole pregnancy ffrom nausea but in the last pregnancy I came to know her]

Sine old the Chinese acupressure point P6 has been used but I found it a bit disappointing. As it does not cause anyhow try it as well[maybe a needle works better here]

The point is now very well known by most women nowadays


A piece of advice I learned in medical school is to stay in bed when waking up and eat one or more DRY crackers [Wasa or so]]and then slowly start moving. This often seems to work very well!