Thanks, G-d that we are getting more and more life-saving treatments. What becomes also more and more clear is that most of these treatments are sought for in the field of high technology, which put medicine more and more in the hands of doctors and highly specialized clinics.

Below is a simple example of food, which can make [high technology] treatment so much more effective.

High-fiber diet improves response to immunotherapy in melanoma patients: Study | Health – Day To News

How intensive have clinicians searched for natural treatment like Betula and the endless array of other plants?

Below am example:

Betulinic acid is a triterpene isolated from the bark of Betula pubescens (Pisha et al., 1995)

Betulinic acid (Fig. 28.1) is found in the bark of several species of plants, principally the white birch

Betulinic acid has been demonstrated to kill several cancer types including melanoma (Cichewicz & Kouzi, 2004; Pisha et al., 1995).  Betulinic acid inhibited melanoma tumor development in mice without causing systemic toxicity (Pisha et al., 1995). Betulinic acid was also found to be effective at preventing small and non–small cell lung, ovarian, cervical, and head and neck carcinomas (Mullauer et al., 2010).

Hopefully, medicine should become more and more “decentralized”, using high technology thankfully only whenever needed Without this we would lose a lot of all we have reached.