Everyone with such a condition [ if it is not an occasional skipped beat] should be evaluated by a cardiologist.

This mail is not meant to discuss this very complicated subject [which is not in my expertise] but just to ask your attention to the many possibilities of treatment that exist except for pure pharmacological treatment.

In the first place diet should be discussed as well as exercise and all this [life-style] should be optimized whenever possible.

Just leaving the office of a cardiologist with all kinds of tests and no “life-instructions” is very poor medicine but happens all too often.

There are quite a few herbs/supplements which can be useful but use them ONLY under the guidance of your doctor[if it is his field of interest]: Examples: : hawthorn[ Crataegus], BERBERIN!, motherwort[Leonarus ],Khellin, Rauwolfia, Q10, carnitine, fish oil, magnesium and much more.

The most problematic/ risky are antiarrhythmic drugs and cardiologists are well aware of this and often reluctant to prescribe them.