We are lucky in Israel that we have Tehina [Tahina] and halva [chalva] made from Sesame seeds.

Just a few words hereabout sesame oil which I advise since around 1980 as the most important oil next to extra virgin olive oil.

Really not enough it is realized that regular use of Sesame oil may regulate blood pressure as good as potent antihypertensive drugs. Sesame oil is very stable and can be used for frying at high temperatures. I wrote already [and showed the proof] that olive oil is also perfectly well for cooking and frying but still I get the same questions again from patients about this because someone told them that…..

Sesame oil is also excellent for wound healing and for treatment of any infected skin, and a good oil after episiotomy [tear to the perineum]

Very promising for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer and possibly beneficial for Huntington;s disease[a serious genetic problem][better muscle control and less mental decline]

Sesame oil is good for heart and blood vessels and may protect against many cancers

Buy cold pressed and not refined sesame oil [in Israel [B and D]