From a technical point of view, cashews are seeds and not nuts. They are light-coloured, kidney-shaped and come from the fruit of the tropical tree called Anacardium occidentale that produces the bitter-tasting cashew apple.

Covid 19: Cashews fruit boost immunity & fight Hypertension

All of you are familiar with the cashew nut.
Maybe you never saw it growing.
Being born in Suriname we ate as children quite a bit of the fruit [the large “fruit “above the nut].
It is quite sour and nice against thirst.
I can’t remember -as a child or later- ever eating in Suriname the nuts
The Latin name of cashew is Anacardium and this is well known in homoeopathy
A few characteristics of this homoeopathic remedy [when it may be appropriate to use]

Pathological inferiority and low self-esteem

Feels always better when eating [whatever problem one has]: eating works calming, just as valium would do, even if for a brief time

Always wants to prove himself!!
Can be cruel to animals [ or people]
Often a feeling of a strong internal conflict.

Can’t decide, constantly changing doctors, addresses, jobs, always worried and regretting that he did not choose the other option.
Multiple-choice examinations are a real punishment [honestly: I don’t like them either!!]
When his doctor prescribes antibiotics, he asks for homoeopathy or so, when he is prescribed homoeopathy, he prefers antibiotics……!!
Never satisfied.